Bits ‘n Pieces

In lieu of a cohesive message this week (how can it be that in these days of online/remote “everything”, it takes longer to accomplish anything!?) here are some random bits & pieces.

This weekend is Rally Weekend.  That’s right, “weekend”.

Saturday  –  10AM at church outdoor activities.  “Yoga on the parking lot”. Treasure hunt. Praying with sand. Other activities. Wear your mask. See friends. An opportunity to gather safely out of doors, for at least a bit of community-building and fun.  Thank you Sue!

Sunday   –  10AM worship.  “Installation & Blessing” of Faith Formation leaders, S.S. Teachers, helpers/aids etc. “Covenanting Rite” for Confirmation students/parents. “Joyringers” (Bell choir) are pre-recording a musical selection which will be embedded in the live-streaming Facebook presentation. Orientation for Confirmation year 2020-2021. The fall ‘program year’ is, bit by bit, resuming in various forms and fashion.  Most educational events will be virtual online events.  Things will evolve as we continue to make our way through the fall.

Stephen Ministry met Tuesday evening 9/15 with 22 in attendance. A hybrid experience. 7 persons met in the Chapel (social distancing & masks) 15 online (zoom) from their homes.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study is studying Jeremiah and Lamentations.  Wednesday morning at 10am.  Hybrid experience.  Safe-practices in the chapel – many more online zooming in from their homes.  See Nadine Anderson for books & materials.

Youth Groups are meeting online. Zoom.

Synodwide youth event is meeting Sunday, 9/27,  4pm on Zoom. Register through the Synod webpage:

Blood Drive – The One Blood bus will be on the parking lot at Grace, Friday, October 9 from 11AM to 4PM.  This is the second drive Grace has sponsored since shut-down. The national blood supply has slowed noticeably, while the need for blood has increased.

In closing, a list of things to do, to take care of yourself and fend off impatience, depression and anxiety during Covid-19. 

+stay in touch with your friends  



+be kind

+make plans for the future  

+pursue hobbies/special interests  

+do your Bible Study 

+say your prayers  

+say  “Thank You”  


Pastor Hillmer

“Grace is a place of Faith, Hope and Healing for ALL”

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