Blessed Are the Mask-Wearers

I think it’s time to add another Beatitude to the list: “Blessed are the poor…Blessed are the meek…Blessed are the pure in heart…Blessed are the peacemakers.”

My addition is:   “Blessed are the mask-wearers”!
Blessed are YOU especially for wearing YOUR mask and doing your part to support collective, communal health. Because of your good practice we have been able to sustain in-person worship safely. Small, (40 – 55) but able to gather safely “in the House of the Lord”. Thank You.

And now, from your Council President.

Council Update – 9/11/20

Financials – August 2020 Month End

Church financial remain stable. (Under current conditions-think “good”) Revenue is down from 2019 due to cancellation of Easter services.  Actual YTD to 2020-21 budget: Income lower by $6,011; Expenses lower by $15,422.  So far, so good. For more details, contact the church office.

Constitution Updates

Received 11 pages of ELCA amendment revisions.  Many are grammatical: “The” to “This”; “may be” to “is”, ”partnership” to “collaboration”; etc.  ELCA and Synod will be contacted to determine extent of Grace congregation notification and approval requirements.

Council Vacancy

The Council Secretary position is vacant. This executive position ensures “…that accurate minutes are kept of the meetings of the congregation and the Congregational Council…”. Having been without a Secretary since May 2020 has been a distraction to Council as it oversees the worship life and activities of the church. Certainly, there must be someone in this gifted congregation that can spare a few hours per month in service to Grace.

Sanctuary A/C Units

$5,520 in donations from the congregation have been received to offset some of the expense incurred replacing 2 Sanctuary air conditioning units. God bless all who donated.

And from Choral Director, Lisa Katt Watson…
On Rally Day, September 20th, we plan to include a congregational hymn at the end of service, as long as local COVID-19 activity is stagnant or declining, by following these extra safety protocols:

  1. Every person in the sanctuary is wearing a mask over their nose and mouth, including ministers and those choosing not to sing.
  2. All people are facing the same direction, looking toward the altar and the lyrics on the projection screens. The only exception will be Jim at the organ, who will play an introduction to give the ministers time to move from altar to font, to face the same direction as the congregation.
  3. Keep the hymn under 5 minutes of singing.
  4. Everyone leaves the sanctuary during the Postlude, followed by Jim and videographer. No one enters the sanctuary again until there is at least one HVAC air change (approx.  20-30 minutes).

Finally, don’t forget our Youth Fundraiser, to build a memorial prayer garden at Luther Springs is memory of Jill. or

Thank you.  Stay Safe. Wear your mask.  “Blessed are….the people of Grace!”
Pastor Hillmer

“Grace is a place of Faith, Hope and Healing for ALL”