Communion is back!

Good evening, as some of you may already know we will be offering communion beginning this Sunday, November 22 after our 10 AM worship service.

Many conversations have taken place within Grace and in our faith community regarding the best way to safely offer Communion during this time of Covid 19.  Below is the layout for preparation, presentation and distribution of Communion.


Wine Trays

¨   Put on mask

¨   Verify that wine bottle and individual cup dispenser have been properly disinfected and cleaned.

¨   Wash and sanitize hands; Put on Gloves

¨   Place previously determined number of (Tables) plastic wine cups in trays, leaving 2 empty spaces between cups.

¨   Fill wine cups from dispenser

Wafers (Altar Guild)

¨   Put on mask

¨   Wash and sanitize hands; Put on gloves.

¨   Set out previously determined number of individual plastic wafer containers.

¨   Sanitize wafer distribution tongs.

¨   Using tongs, take an individual wafer and place in individual wafer container

¨   Place all wafer containers on trays for transport.


¨   Wafer cups and wine trays will be “staged” for quick transport to the outdoors communion stations

¨   Prior to the worship service, 2 distribution tables will be set up outside Connections.*  One for wafers; the other for wine. A 3rd table with replenishment wine and wafer containers will be set up nearby.

¨   Immediately prior to the final blessing and sending hymn, the Pastor announces that Holy Communion will be available outside Connections through the Dale Mabry side doors as an option for those who wish to commune.

¨   During the sending hymn, volunteers (resources to be determined) will prepare the wafers and wine on separate tables.

¨   During the Postlude, the Pastor and Assisting Minister will take their places (at least 6’) behind their respective tables outside Connections.


¨   Ushers (masked), starting at the rear of their aisle (and moving towards the altar, reminding all to adhere to “social distancing” guidelines), assist congregants as they exit the Sanctuary.

¨   Congregants wishing communion will be directed to proceed to the communion stations via one side of the Connections doors. Those not wishing to commune can exit via the parking lot side doors.

¨   Those communing will proceed to the 1st table containing the wafers and receive “The Body of Christ…” blessing from Pastor John.

¨   The communion participant proceeds to the wine table, removes his/her mask, consumes the wafer, retrieves and consumes a wine cup while the Assisting Minister offers “The blood of Christ shed for you.”

¨   The participant will then reposition their mask and reenter Connections through the 2nd set of doors with the option to depart or remain on premises.

¨    A receptacle will be in place for depositing the emptied containers.

*In the vent of inclement weather, the wafer and wine tables will be set up in Connections.

Hope to see you Sunday,

In Christ,

Fred Borchers, Congregation President

Grace Lutheran Church at Carrollwood

“Grace is a place of Faith, Hope and Healing for ALL”