Dear People of Grace

Dear People of Grace,

Staying safe – while we live in, with and through the pandemic around us – calls for knowledge and respect.  Knowledge of the virus and respect for its serious & lethal nature. Living with restraint, make that “self-restraint”, goes a long way for the good of ourselves, and the good of others.  The Gospel parable for this Sunday (Matthew 22:1-14. Watch it online in two days) concludes with a man getting thrown out of a wedding banquet because of not wearing a robe.  I quipped that he was thrown out because he wasn’t wearing a mask!  (Half silly half serious)

Stay safe!  Stay educated.  Do the right thing.

Next week Saturday – October 17th people & families of Grace will be gathering at Luther Springs to dedicate and bless an outdoor memorial Prayer & Meditation Garden in memory of Jill Lawniczak.  Mark, Justin and Amanda will be there to share the moment.  We will be recording the ceremony so that it can be viewed online later that evening. The actual time will be 2pm, Saturday for those who may wish to attend in person.  Any and all are welcome.  If you’d like to drive up for the day, it is a 2 ½ hr drive.

If you’d like to spend a night or two the cost for housing is $40 per night/per family, food $50 per person.  If you have any special dietary needs, please let Luther Springs know when you call to register, 828-209-6301, and a $25 cleaning fee.  The pool will be open, there is also archery, canoeing and kayaking to enjoy.  You must register, 828-209-6301, if you plan to stay at the camp.  If you are planning to spend the day Saturday and have lunch ($25 for activities and lunch) , please contact Sue Mendenhall at  

The Meditation area is a large outdoor area near the lake.  It is beautiful!  It will contain: a Cross; some benches (adorned with Butterflies!  Jill’s favorite J ); a swing; a prayer labyrinth; painted posts; prayer rocks and stepping stones.  Many of these items have been created or prepared by our own youth and their families.  “Thank you” Sue Mendenhall and Marjorie Crosbie, parents and youth, for participating and sharing your creative gifts! There will be some work to do in the garden earlier Saturday morning and you will have an opportunity to create a stepping stone and paint prayer rocks on Friday night and Saturday morning.  

This will be an outdoor event, but we still ask everyone to bring and wear a mask.  We want to honor Jill with “safe practices” (she was very keen on that!) as well as providing a beautiful area of peace and prayer, in a natural setting which was so near & dear to her heart. 

Jill LOVED Luther Springs!

That’s it for this week.

There is a good chance that we will hold a worship service NEXT Sunday – October 18 @ 10am -in the Sanctuary at Grace, but please watch for details.

God be with you.  Stay safe. 

The Peace of Christ be with you all!

Pastor Hillmer



Please remember we have canceled “in-person” worship for Sunday, Oct. 11 but you will find this week’s scripture readings attached.

 “Grace is a place of Faith, Hope and Healing for ALL”