God’s Work Our Hands

08 Sep 2019 | 12:00 pm - 12:00 am

Do you have an idea for a service project that we could do? Would you like to help lead a project? If so, please contact Jill Lawniczak (youth@gracelutherantampa.org) who has agreed to organize GWOH day for Grace this year. So far we have:

  • Making kits for Purple Playas Foundation (Janet)
  • Cleaning the church’s red chairs (Dave)
  • Metropolitan Ministries (Pastor)
  • Quilting (June & Kaye)
  • Feeding America (Marjorie on Sat 9/7)
  • SOF singing at Concordia (Nancy)


We’d love to have A LOT of different options so we can serve all around our community. How would you like to serve? Do you need a shirt? See the sign-up in Connections.