“Gardening with Grace” is our gardening group. It began to germinate in March 2012 when new and long-standing members realized a mutual interest in the subject.  The group’s goal is to produce an abundant harvest of both digging” (hands-on) and “growing” (educational) opportunities consistent with the congregation’s mission and vision. In other words, this not just a short-term beautification effort, although the group’s initial projects certainly provide that benefit. The group endeavors to develop and implement a master plan for gardening-related activities on church property *plus* eventually offer gardening-related services beyond property boundaries.  Gardening with Grace will also work along side of our TFIN committee to oversee the relocating of plants and re-landscaping of our property during our building project.

To get involved, e-mail Bottkol@aol.com, and watch for updates and meeting information in the Sunday News. We currently anticipate only having business/planning meetings once a quarter.