Bible Study

Wednesday mornings     10AM-12 noon

(led by Nadine Anderson, Synod Parish Deacon)

The book of Acts is written by the author of Luke’s Gospel. It shows what the church was like in its infancy. When we read about the miracles, traditions, customs and leadership, we can see early church leaders grappling with conflict, persecution and issues facing the people. We can observe the conversion of Paul and see how Jesus was reaching people, even years after his resurrection. Most important, we can read a history of early Christians trying to figure out faith in a dangerous world.

Wednesday evenings   7PM-8:30PM


(Led by Pastor John Hillmer)


Introduction to Islam Harold Vogelaar, Visiting Professor of World Religion at Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, IL, and other top scholars of the Islamic faith share basic beliefs, and practices of Islam, and the historic and current relationship between Christians and Muslims. Come and have a look into the origins and complicated diversities of the world's second largest religion.

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