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The Rev. John S. Hillmer, Sr. Pastor

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Roomis an Advent Devotional booklet published by Grace Lutheran Church of Carrollwood Christian Education for the last 12 years. Mary Ann Hamilton was instrumental in organizing our first devotional and continues to recruit members who contribute devotions for the booklet. Jeffrey Anderson formats the booklet.

This year, the cover and a number of line drawings throughout the book are signed with a “b.” These are the work of Bruce Hammond, who graciously allowed us to use them.

The Advent Devotional has become a wonderful tradition for Grace and extended family and friends. Each devotion is a personal reflection on the Advent season. The devotions will be posted on our web site at and sent daily to people
who receive our e-newsletters.

Blessings to you and your family

Deacon Nadine Anderson
Director of Christian Education

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