In early 2011, several members of Grace discovered that they shared the enjoyable /frus­trating/exciting hobby of  genealogy and decided to join forces by meeting monthly in order to both celebrate their successes and receive support when history stubbornly holds on to its mysteries. 


Within a few months, the number had grown to an average attendance of 10, which  includes not only members of Grace but also men and women from the community who had just happened to learn about it from friends  Some are new to genealogy and need  mentoring and encouragement as they get started.  Others have been researching their families over months or years and need both encouragement when they can't knock down a “brick wall” or praise when a lost tree-limb has been found.  Each person assigns themselves a project during the month and reports at the next meeting on their success or failure in achieving the goal.


Round table discussions are led by our professional genealogist, Amy Lay, or budding genealogists, Penny Bonawitz or Judy Copeland.  The group meets monthly – summer or winter - on the second Saturday of each month at 9:30 in the kitchen or chapel at Grace Lutheran Church. scheduled.  Sometimes it is a round-table discussion with everyone contributing; sometimes it is watching a webinar and discussing what was featured, sometimes it might even mean a field trip to a local cemetery to take pictures of headstones and up-load them onto the Find-A-Grave website. 


All are welcome.  No reservations needed.  Just show up on the second Saturday of the month at 9:30 a.m. 

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