Keeping in Touch — A Message from Pastor

There’s something about the phrase “Social Distance” that I don’t like.
‘Physical Distance’ yes! For health & safety. ‘Socially’? It’s what we’re made of, and made for – relationship! So…even while we’re not able to ‘socialize’ and kibbutz over coffee, or socialize at ‘Hand ‘n Foot’, or Mahjong, or stitch quilts together, here’s to ‘keeping in touch’…

At the July 14 Council meeting, persons were appointed to the Council vacancies, due to terms being fulfilled. Since Grace was not able to hold a Congregational Meeting on April 26 (“Elections meeting”) the constitution states that when there is a vacancy on Council, the Council shall appoint persons to fill such vacancy. Nominating Committee (Thank you Tom Jackman) had secured candidates for all slots save one – Council Secretary.

Council then appointed these persons to their respective offices.

  • Liz Planz has offered to serve as “interim” secretary until formally filled.
  • Treasurer: Mike Milo (2nd term)
  • Secretary: (vacant) Liz Planz interim
  • Worship & Music: Brad Schmucker (2nd term)
  • Outreach: David Vickers
  • Fellowship: Charlotte Hunter & Caren Cahill
  • Stewardship: Susan Andree
  • Endowment: Bob Erickson (not a council position – constitution states that council elects a chair.)

We’ve been zooming with our youth (“We” being Nadine and I) in attempt to ‘keep the schedule’ of connecting with our youth – High School and Elementary. We’ve zoomed with parents as well. While the loss of our dear Jill is huge, and her senseless death still a mystery, there is a strong desire to move forward with youth ministry. The Personnel Committee and I, council too, are determined to press on in seeing to it that ministry to and for our youth continues.

Nadine Anderson has written a letter regarding her retirement. It is a beautiful letter. Council, Personnel committee, staff & Education teachers have shared it broadly. The effective date of her last day of service is July 31. Moving forward, she will continue to serve in her role as Synodical Parish Deacon as member of Grace.

We are blessed by her deep dedication, and her manifold gifts.
New Flash!! Just in this past week, Nadine has indicated that she will carry forward – temporarily – with “interim status”, serving in areas of Education and Youth, while the Personnel committee works actively to seek out a person to fill the position of “Director of Youth and Family Ministries”.

Please be faithful and fervent in your prayers, as we/Grace continue to move forward in faith, hope and ministry in these most unusual times.

“Grace is a place of Faith, Hope and Healing for all”.

Pastor John
July 21, 2020