Reopen – What’s my line?

June 3, 2020

Reopen   –   “What’s my line?”

     There’s an old, old….say it again OLD!…game show that ran for 20 years, in which the panelists tried to guess the occupation of the “mystery guest”. 

     Fast-forward 40 years…it’s now sort of “what’s my position?” on reopening for Sunday worship!

     I know there are many ‘positions’ across the board, and there is no ONE, RIGHT position.

        This Sunday, June 7, 2020, the doors of Grace will open, and we will hold a public service of worship at 10am.  To this, there are and will be various responses.  Many Grace people will not attend. I have full understanding and great respect for all who make this decision.  My own spouse will not be attending. 50% of staff will not be attending.  So please be assured… there’s not even a hint of eyebrow raising for those who do not attend.  If there is any question in your mind about health or safety, please  –  stay home.

        For those who do attend… rest assured the service WILL be different.  Every other pew is marked off so that we can do the safe practice of social distancing.  We will not be celebrating Holy Communion.  The hymnals have been removed from the pew racks.  There will be no singing.  There WILL be music!  Organ music – “Thank you” Jim Sawyers! – as we enter and as we leave the Sanctuary.  We will use visual projection for the Confession/Absolution, Scriptures, Creed and Prayers.  We will see/screen a video message by Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton.

        So again…things will be different. The “Sunday experience” will not be the same as in January, or February, or when you last attended Grace.  Further, the “online worship’ will be different.  That is because we are going “live”!  Truly live.  This is another step forward, yet it will be our first genuine live broadcast, so there may be glitches.  The “film editing” which we have all but mastered (“Thank you Lisa & Jim, Matt & John”) is not possible when going “live”. But do know that we are attempting to pre-record hymns/songs/music to embed in the online experience.  (We are working diligently to include ALL at a generous level.) But again…

things will be different!     However….

    I rather find strength in this diversity.  Diversity in the kind of experience that we will encounter:  Diversity in peoples’ response to “what” to do – – “What’s my Line?!”

Diversity in the way we are ‘becoming Church’.  I stand in awe of God’s overarching grace and love Who continues to call us to love, Who equips us for sharing truth and grace in the world.  It’s the perfect Sunday for doing this:  “Trinity Sunday” — diversity AND unity in God.   Father/Son/Holy Spirit.    Creator/Redeemer/Sanctifier.   There is “Oneness”, there is “Plurality”

God bless each and every one of you.

In His Service.

      Pastor John

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