Thank You!

My Pastor’s Message this week is simply  “Thank You”!

Wow!  Wow!!  Wow!!!  What a day last Sunday was, and WHAT a surprise!!  You all sure know how to do a ‘work around’ on the Pastor! (All the more reason for me to stay on your collective ‘good side’.)   

I so much appreciate the affirmations and the gracious support. As I’ve said before: “I get to serve the best little church-house in Tampa!… but I AM THE ONE who is most richly blessed. Jan and I return our love and thanks to all. Keep on living your lives in such a way as to illuminate the world with God’s love, justice, truth and grace. Shalom! L’chaim.          

As the Epistle for this coming Sunday says:   “Love is the fulfilling of the Law”  (Torah). And since “Love is the fulfilling of the Law), here are some suggestions (just happen to be 10 of them!)
to help “DO” God’s work in the world.   Last week I shared that we will be taking a DIY  (“Do It Yourself”) approach to GWOH (“God’s Work Our Hands”) this year, given that COVID still prevents us from gathering in various ways and formats. 

Sooo.. here is a list of ideas to facilitate a DYI  GWOH:

  1. Serve immediate neighbors. Take out your neighbor’s trash bins for them or help with yardwork.
  2. Write a card and compliment your neighbors on something you have noticed about them.
  3. Clean out your drawers and cupboards and see what you can donate that others might be able to use.
  4. Send cards to residents of a local assisted living facility or other communal living home.
  5. Advocate for social justice issues by contacting your local, state, and national representatives.
  6. Go to to find out more. Need templates for letters? There are four different advocacy letters, providing everything you need to write them easily. Click here for the link to the templates: (Maybe this will help kickstart an Advocacy Team that some of us have been dreaming about.)
  7. Do porch/driveway visits to those individuals who are isolated.
  8. Participate in a contactless delivery of home-cooked meals for the elderly.
  9. Design and place prayer/blessing flags on people’s lawns or front doors to let them know you care.
  10. Bake a batch of cookies/other goodies for others and drop them off at the house or business with an encouraging note. Or take them to the Fire Department, to show you appreciate the work they do.
  11. Donate blood or plasma, wearing your GWOH shirt from a previous year!

Pastor Hillmer

Grace Lutheran Church at Carrollwood

“Grace is a place of Faith, Hope and Healing for ALL”