This Sunday, the “Transfiguration of our Lord”, we will reinstate a few worship practices.

  • We will restore the roles of Crucifer and Acolyte in Sunday worship. The liturgy will begin with the Invocation at the Font, followed by the Entrance Hymn and Procession to the Chancel led by Crucifer and Acolyte.
  • The Distribution of Communion will also make available the practice of the Pastor and Assisting Minister to distribute the bread to each congregant. Please extend your hands to receive the bread.
    • For those who wish to continue to self-administer the bread, we will have trays of wafers placed in individual containers, for a person individually to pick up and commune one’s self. (This has been our practice for roughly the past two years.)
      • The wine will still be given in individual cups, with the acolyte, crucifer standing ready to receive the empty glass.
      • Eucharistic Ministers will continue to mask.
      • Congregants may come forward masked/unmasked at their choosing.

Ash Wednesday and Lent
Keyword for Lent 2022 – “Simplify”!

  • Ash Wednesday services will be offered at 12 noon and 7pm. Both services will be held in the Sanctuary. Being larger than the Chapel, the main Sanctuary allows for more distancing in seating.  It also simplifies and streamlines the work of the Altar Guild.
  • Ash Wednesday will include dinner  @ 6pm – worship @7pm.
  • Remaining Wednesdays in Lent – “simplify” again the ‘key-word’ this year – will offer an evening “Dinner Church”.  NEW this year!  Gather for a “Simple Supper” @ 6:30pm in Holmer Hall.  Then, while staying put at the round tables in Holmer  Hall, we will hold a brief Lenten Service.  It will be a bit more casual of course, sitting at tables, but we are trying some new – again “Simple” … in keeping with our keyword  “Simplify”!
  • When we get to Holy Week – April 10 – 16, we will hold services again at 12 noon and 7 pm – Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  These are important, impactful, powerful days leading up to Easter Morning – Sunday of the Resurrection!

Pastor John Hillmer

Grace Lutheran Church at Carrollwood

“Grace is a place of Faith, Hope and Healing for ALL”