A Message from Pastor John

A message from Pastor John April 22, 2020

“What’s the only thing worse than having a root canal during COVID19?”
                 NOT HAVING the root canal!
So I had the bad boy done.  They took me in under the auspices of “emergency services only”.
The permanent filling is now in place, and I’m a happy camper. Save for the fact that I’m maxed out
on “Zoom” meetings!  So it goes.   n’est-ce pas?.   

Blood Drive next Thursday, April 30, 10AM – 3PM.
What a great way to ‘help your neighbor’ and do something positive for the greater good.  Blood Mobile will be on the church parking lot. Medical professionals will screen all participants.
 ‘Safe Practices’ will be in full play.  No need to enter the buildings.  Bus is “self-contained”.

Join in online worship this Sunday @ 10AM.    3rd Sunday of Easter – “The Walk to Emmaus”

I came across a poem by Merrit Malloy that I’d tucked away somewhere.
                 “I remember when you’d stare at me…
                            the way mothers stare at sleeping babies.
                    …I was beautiful then
                   because you loved me…”
           (“Things I meant to say to you when we were old”  -Merrit Malloy)

Love is God’s greatest gift – God’s greatest power – because love bestows value on the beloved.
One reason you can’t convince a mother who loves her son that he is not worthy of her love, is that her love makes him worthy.  Her love is necessary for his identity, although not necessarily blind to his faults.  Her love gives him an ‘alien dignity’.

    Or… God is like a father who waits for the prodigal son to return home (Luke 15). The older brother sees only the irresponsible squanderer that his brother was.  The father sees that the son has become ALIVE AGAIN!  In love, the father mourned for his son and never gave up hope for his return. Remembering his father’s grace, the prodigal returns home, to his “native identity”.  The father’s love made the homecoming possible.  The father’s love developed the son’s true identity.

Martin Luther said it this way:  “Sinners are attractive because they are loved.  They are not loved because they are attractive”.

These days of  COVID19,  when in our anxiety we  may get all ‘wound tight’ and belittle ourselves,  you can say  (editing Malloy’s line just a touch): “I am beautiful , because you love me”. And when you tend to belittle others who don’t ‘think the way you do, make a mental, attitudinal change.  You can BESTOW love upon someone else.  Bestow it upon the one with whom you have a rift. Where a wedge is driven. Where barriers divide.  Loving friends is easy.

Love those who aren’t friends.  Love those who were friends.
                              Had an argument?
                              Got a rift?
                               Do something out of this word!

Bestow value!……..through the power that transforms.

                                                                                                               Pastor Hillmer

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