Being Church Together as We Navigate COVID19

We are following the recommendation from Bishop Suarez: to refrain from public gatherings for the rest of the month. All congregational activities including public worship, meetings, Teal Bag food collection/distribution, quilting, bible studies, – – activities that gather people together face to face are being suspended until the end of the month. Below you will find ways to stay connected, including an effort to gather as church online. You are loved! Your well being and the well being of others is of utmost importance. Remember: what we do over the course of these next weeks, we do not just for ourselves, but for the sake of the ‘other’. The “Common Good”. The “Greater Good”.

For Spiritual Care by phone:

  • Pastor John Hillmer (813) 431 – 8747

Stephen Leaders:

  • Ruth Anderson (813) 951 – 1772
  • Karen Jankowski (813) 817 – 8565
  • Mickey Castor (813) 748 – 4492

Check in frequently to Grace’s web page: and FaceBook page: for YouTube posts and videos.

  • The Church office is not closed (closed for lunch 12-1 PM).
  • Regular office hours will be kept: 9am – 4pm M – F
  • Someone will be in the office to answer phone calls.

Continuing to be mindful of the current situation, we join in prayer from our Bishop’s Office:
Merciful God, we know that your heart overflows with compassion for your whole creation. Pour out your
Spirit on all people living with this illness, or who are living with anxiety about this illness, for which there
is not yet a cure. Be with those who tend to the needs of the sick. Strengthen us all in body and spirit,
console us when anxious, comfort us in grief and hearten us in discouragement. Help to remind us that
you claim us as your own and are with us wherever we go. Through Christ, our healer and Lord. AMEN.

Download Being Church Together as We Navigate COVID19 (PDF)