A Note on Children in Worship…

Children are always welcome in church.  Sitting closer to the front helps children see what’s going on and be more engaged.  As they become able, encourage them to stand and sit when you do – you are teaching them worship behavior.  As they begin to read, point out words in the bulletin and in the hymns – you are teaching them how to read and how to follow music.  Help them fold their hands and bow their heads during prayer and recite the prayers they know, like the Lord’s Prayer – you are teaching them how to talk to God through prayer.

We have a children’s time in worship before the lessons are read.  The children sit on the Story Blanket and hear a message just for them that relates to the lessons for the day.  Feel free to go up with them if that makes them more comfortable

We provide Children’s Worship Bags in a basket at both entries to the Sanctuary.  They contain a Spark Story Bible book marked at the story for the day, a children’s bulletin (reader and non-reader) and a tin of crayons.  Please take your child’s work home and talk more about what we heard in worship.

Nursery is available for children through age 4 during the worship services and the Sunday school hour.   Children older than 4 years are encouraged to attend their Sunday school classes.