Church Announcement for Week 3

Dear People of Grace,
-friends, members, acquaintances, gracious people everywhere!
We are coming into “Week 3” of this time of suspended gatherings and social distancing.

Seems like life is on ‘hold’.  Perhaps – but not ‘cancelled’! We are just learning to live life differently!

As with much of learning, there is a curve.  Some take to it quickly. Some need more time.

Peace and strength to you, wherever you are on the curve.
Pastor John
A few things to share:

  • Video conference – Tuesday, March 24.
    I met via “Zoom” with the Bishop’s Assistant, Conference Dean, and Pastors.
    We were given these updates/recommendations:
    Through May 12 (following CDC recommendations) refrain from:
    +public worship+ public gatherings+confirmations,+ 1st communions,
    +funerals+weddings+baptisms+Holy Week & Easter services.
    The Bishop’s staff will be meeting again on April 1, to assess most recent updates
    from the CDC, and to provide further guidelines for Easter and beyond.
  • Sunday morning –    no ‘public worship services’ will be held
    For those who wish to come for  individual personal prayer, reflection or quiet time
    the Sanctuary doors will be open  9 – 10:00AM
       Practicing “social distancing”  (6’ minimum separation)  of course is essential.
  • “On-line” services are being recorded. Sunday services and Lenten mid-weeks.
    Check in regularly at our webpage:
    and FB page:
    We are communicating through all the means currently available to us.
    Please log in, and worship on-line with us.  All services since March 15
    are posted on our website.  Share this information with 3 other people.
    I encourage you to ‘invite’ 3 friends on Facebook. Share the link. Post it on their time-line.
    A Pastor friend of mine in MN challenged his congregation (a smaller congregation than Grace)
    and in 2 weeks, they had over 1000 hits on their web-page.  Out reach! Share the news!
  • We are developing a phone-tree so that “members and friend can be in touch with members and friends”. I encourage you to participate.  Further phone-tree or no phone-tree, reach out
    and stay in touch with others!  It is good for both “body and soul”!!

Words of  Martin Luther from 1527 – during the  plague in Germany
   “I shall ask God Mercifully to protect us.
          Then I shall fumigate, help purify the air, administer medicine and take it.
          I shall avoid persons and places where my presence is not needed,
            in order not to become contaminated, and thus perchance inflict
            and pollute others, and so cause their death as a result of my negligence.

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