Holy Week Activities & Action Steps

                +Here are some helpful suggestions and ideas about ‘how to participate’!+

Especially for those ‘staying safe at home’ and not-yet-ready to return to ‘in-house worship”.

                      Have a Holy & Blessed Holy Week!  Pastor Hillmer

March 28th – “Palm Sunday/Sunday of the Passion”

            PRIOR to service at Grace – service begins outside in parking lot.

    Palm processional.  Begins at south end of driveway to Connections.

    Palms provided OR bring your own!  Palms then placed on

    benches/drive/walkway area outside entrance.  You may…get

    in your car and return home – OR– enter Sanctuary for worship.

    Your choice!  If you are worshipping at home, cut a palm branch from

    your yard or from paper – wave palms when prompted by the ‘crowd’


AFTER service – all are invited for outdoor fun.  Safety first!!…with

    opportunities for Holy Week/Easter activities. Food, ‘Treasure Hunt’,

    Face-painting, crafts, mixers “in the breeze” and outdoor safety.  AND

    Youth Bar-b-que fundraiser, order forms available in prior eblast and in


April 1st – “Maundy Thursday”

            Services at 12 noon & 7 PM. Sanctuary.  “Foot Washing” – John 13:1-17. 

    This can be modified & simplified to hand-washing. (Most appropriate for

    these days of Covid!)  You may participate at home, by preparing a bowl

    of water and towel, and as the foot-washing passage is read in service,

    take turns in your family washing each other’s hands.

    (live stream available at 7 PM)

April 2nd – “Good Friday”

            Services at 12 noon & 7pm. Sanctuary.  “Tenebrae” = gradual darkening of the Sanctuary, ending in complete darkness.  Dramatic symbolism of the crucifixion of Christ.

    Should you choose to worship ‘on-line’ at home, you can participate by

    having 7 candles ready to light at the beginning of the service.  As each

    candle is extinguished, while you watch online, you do the same.

    You may also want to dim your lights accordingly.  As the service

    concludes in darkness and silence, leave your “home altar” in quiet

    reverence.  (live stream available at 7 PM)

April 4th – “Sunday of the Resurrection” – “Easter!”

            Two services!!    “Sunrise Service” @ 6:30 AM Outdoor.  Youth leadership

                                            “Festive Service” @ 10:00 AM in the Sanctuary

                                                (live stream available at 10 AM)

Grace Lutheran Church at Carrollwood

“Grace is a place of Faith, Hope and Healing for ALL”

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