Kelly Wilkerson

Kelly Wilkerson is the Director of Youth and Family Ministries here at Grace. She joined the staff in June of 2021.

Kelly has a passion for serving the Lord and connecting people with each other. She has been leading worship since the age of eleven, and has served churches of all sizes and denominations all over the country. From communications, to student ministry, worship leading to event planning, Kelly has discovered that her passion for church leadership extends in all directions. As an artist, vocalist, and creative communicator, her desire is to serve the congregation here at Grace by loving people well and creating space and opportunities for people of all ages to connect with Jesus and one another. Kelly believes all people hold unique gifts and talents within them and that toddlers, teens and adults alike have something to bring to the table. Her greatest joy in life is to encourage and equip all she encounters, and help all people see God in the everyday. “Whether I’m visiting my senior friends in assisted living facilities or leading worship in front of thousands of people, my goal is the same: share God’s love, let the Light of Christ shine through me, be a dwelling place for the Spirit.”

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