A Message from Pastor John – RALLY DAY

Posted on Aug 21 2022, Pastor: JOHN HILLMER

Pastor’s Message

This Sunday, August 21, is “Rally Day”.
Why do they call it “Rally Day” anyway?    If one goes to the dictionary,  one finds this:
#1. coming together again in order to continue a cause or a purpose, after a dispersion or defeat.
#2. to recover or cause to recover a spirit of strength, health, or poise.


Sounds like a perfect word for our times.  The ‘summer slowdown’ is an annual thing,
but the time of COVID is a unique and global thing.  I wouldn’t necessarily call it a time of “defeat” (#1)

but certainly a time of “dispersion”.   So it’s TIME!
Time to ‘come together’ again;  time to recover our cause and purpose;  time to regain our strength,

our health, our poise.

Sunday promises to be fun and full of energy!  It is a day for the entire congregation!
-not just youth and education!   Come catch the Spirit!  Worship!  Stay after and have something to eat. 

Engage with people you haven’t rubbed shoulders with in a while.
Take a spin in the Bounce House.  (“I dare ya!”) 

Rally Day is a “DAY” – a launch day.  But it doesn’t stop with the “Day”.  It launches us on a journey through

a new program year.  Choirs and musical ensembles are ‘getting back’.
Confirmation is ‘getting back’.  Small groups are ‘getting back’.  We embark with new energy.

I encourage you;  I challenge you; to get involved in a new activity, a new group, a new role of serving, giving, receiving.

The “Rally Spirit” is alive at Grace.
See you Sunday!!

Pastor John