What do you do after you win the Super Bowl?

“What do you do after you win the Super Bowl?”
Well – you bask in the win for a little while – but then life goes on.
Who’s the successor to the GOAT? The question is being asked. I hear
the name Blaine Gabbert a good bit. Thing is…life goes on.
You don’t bask in the glory forever. Glory can make you a little loopy.
Life goes on.

This coming Sunday is “Sunday of the Transfiguration”. Jesus shines in glory up on the mountaintop. In the heights. Peter gets a little loopy. He wants to stay. Doesn’t want it to be over. But it doesn’t last. They come down
from the heights. Life goes on. But the experience is never forgotten.
It has marked their lives. It has become a piece of them.

So also with us. The “Glory Days” that we have experienced and enjoyed
(each one, fill in the blank of what those days are; write your own definition) don’t last forever. But neither are they even taken away. They are with you forever. They ‘mark’ your life. They are a piece of you. Life goes on.

Life goes on here at Grace.
Even as glory days don’t last forever, neither does the pandemic last forever.
Worship goes on. Changed? Transfigured? It goes on.
Quilting goes on. 58 quilts blessed and sent on their way. The “how” is changed.
The process is pieced out, but the stitching goes on.
Stephen Ministry goes on.
Handbell ringing goes on.
Bible Study and Education goes on.
Please be aware and KNOW that life and learning goes on.
Adults! Sunday morning Bible study has not stopped.

From the moments of glory to the ‘every day’; from the heights to the plain ‘ol plains…
God is with us. And we are blessed!

Pastor Hillmer

Grace Lutheran Church at Carrollwood

“Grace is a place of Faith, Hope and Healing for ALL”