John Hillmer

“Pastor John” Hillmer came to Grace Lutheran Church in September of 2000. He is a 4th generation Lutheran Pastor. (more…)

Joan Beeman
Parish Nurse

Joan Beeman is the Parish Nurse at Grace. She graduated from Holyoke Hospital School of Nursing in Holyoke, MA.  A few years later, (more…)

Lisa Watson
Director of Traditional Music

Lisa Watson has been a part of Grace Lutheran since 2004. She started as a soprano section leader and soloist in the chancel choir, and then volunteered to teach music (more…)

James Sawyers Jr.

Jim has been the organist at Grace Lutheran Church at Carrollwood since June of 1993. Jim began his musical studies (more…)

Laurie Sweigart
Director Of Hand Bells

Laurie has been Director of Handbell Ministry (Joyringers) at Grace since November 2016. Laurie is also a member (more…)

Maggie Gould
Office Manager

Maggie Gould has been the Office Manager at Grace Lutheran Church since December 2009 and a member of Grace since 2011. (more…)

Kerri Shaw
Administrative Assistant

Kerri Shaw has been a member of Grace Lutheran Church at Carrollwood since 1995 and has been working in the church office as the Administrative Assistant since 2013. (more…)

Fred Borchers

Fred Borchers became a member of Grace Lutheran Church in February 1997. In March 2011 Fred was offered and accepted the position of Church Sexton. (more…)